Member of Danube Cultural Cluster

Now it’s official: danube books has become member auf Danube Cultural Cluster. The Danube Cultural Cluster – an international project – is an initiative of Balassi Institute – Collegium Hungaricum Vienna, established in 2012. The Danube Cultural Cluster is a cooperation platform, developed in accordance with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). Its primary aim is to represent the interests of contemporary cultural and creative projects, as well as to establish a communication and cooperation platform for them while generating own projects with an eye toward enhancing the ‘Danube’ as a quality cultural brand.


Corporate Design is implemented now


It is not always easy to start a business, but publishing house danube books is more and more swinging into full gear, yeah! To tell the truth: It’s only possible because of reliable partners and service providers.

Today we received our corporate design and logo: modern, fresh and unique. It is very flexible to handle, fits for web, print, embroidery, foil and more – black & white is possible, too.

A big thank you to Oliver Ochmann, Art Director of KKM Agency in Ulm/Danube, for his perfect job!

Website: www.kkm-werbeagentur

danube books became member of Danubiana Network in Budapest

danube books recently became member of  danubiana network in Budapest, Hungary. The Danubiana Network is the cooperation of civil society organisations along the Danube River established as a result of the “Building Bridges of Democracy” project, an international initiative in 2011 which contributed to the elaboration of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and produced a civil danube strategy with concrete proposals for action.

Many thanks to Miklos Barabas, director of European House in Budapest and coordinator of danubiana network for giving us this important chance for cooperations in future. Networking in the danube countries is an issue forever. Without partners we can not fulfill our philosophy of an Europe without borders and a vivid cultural diversity.

Miklos Barabas wrote us: “I think with your danube books you can make a special contribution to our common work especially in the field of cultural diversity. Good idea!”

Website of danubiana network:

Website of European House in Budapest: