Sieger Heinzmann: Mein Designer-Leben nach der HfG Ulm: School for designers  (HfG) in Ulm/Danube was only existing from 1955 until 1968, but it created a legend. Because of its international teachers from all over the world, the new way of designing products and much more. We show the life and the works of a successful designer, educated at the HfG, until today.

Release: 27th july 2015. In german language.

ISBN: 978-3-946046-004. 




Carmen Spalj: Die politische Rechte in Ungarn. The shift to the right in Hungarian politics is obvious. But what makes the far-right Jobbik party strong?Our author Carmen Spalj answers exactly to this question and shows how the political and social polarization in Hungary acts as a gateway for Jobbik.

Release: 6 th october, 2015. In german language.



Damir Rajle: Sketches of Slavonia. In the east of Croatia is an ancient cultural region in which can be found many traces of Danube Swabian culture today: Slavonia. The region is the breadbasket of Croatia and has to offer impressive landscapes like extended the plains or the wetlands of the nature park Kopački rit. Largest cities in Slavonia are Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Vukovar and Vincovcki.The photographer Damir Rajle from Osijek creates with impressive photos a very personal view of his home region of Slavonia, accompanied by explanatory texts in Croatian, German and English langugae.

Expected release: february, 2016. In german, english and serbo-croation language.



Werner Henn: The european microcosm of Mountain  Banat. Our author Werner Henn talks about history and perspectives of the romanian region of Mountain Banat from a new european and forward-looking point of view. Because this region has always been a kind of “Europe en miniature” or an european microcosm. Werner Henn, an experienced journalist of the french and german television channel Arte, is certainly one of the most profound experts of the Mountain Banat. He is born in 1957 in Resita and still closely linked to this region. Impressive photographs from past decades as well as current pictures of 2015 are making this book a special experience for the readers!

Expected release: 2017.